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The Lost Chord - Video 

I must apologise for making a mistake with my last posting about The Lost Chord. Many of you have responded with suggestions but I forgot to mention that I use a G7th Short Cut Capo on the 2nd fret of my guitar, so the notes being played are E, D, E, B, E, E. Check out the video below.

The Lost Chord 

I had a great time at Mission Worship last weekend, when I did a late night concert with Dave Bilbrough and Chris Bowater. However, during our rehearsals for the event, we had a great problem in figuring out what this guitar chord is called. I use it in the song 'To be In Your Presence', in the chorus. Chris has been musically trained at the Royal School of Music, but even with all that, he struggled to find a name for this one. Suggestions please.......

Same Tailor, Same Choreographer! 

My good friend Clive Price mentioned on his Facebook page that "Somebody said Mrs Clinton turned up dressed like Benny Hinn at the US election debate. So did Mr Trump fall over?" Very funny. So I checked out some images for your amusement. Same tailor, same choreographer!!

Trivia Quiz - Can You Help? 

Last night I received an e-mail from someone who wanted to know where our 'live' recording of Brian Doerksen's song "Come Now Is The Time To Worship" took place. I think it might have been at an event sometime in the late 90s. Please take a listen and if you were there, or think you know where we were playing, please tell me. Click on the image below to play the track. Thanks for your help.

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Hymn Of The Month - Free MP3 & Song Charts 

My song "Behold The Lord" is the featured Song of the Month on the We Are Worship website. You can listen to and download the MP3 and Song Charts for free at their WEBSITE.  You can also listen to a preview of the clip by clicking on the image below:

The Lord's Prayer In Aramaic 

A friend just sent me the link to this video of The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic, chanted by Father Serafim Bit-Kharibi and parishioners in Qanda, Georgia. This parish is made up of a group of people of Assyrian descent who belong to the canonical Georgian Orthodox Church. Beautiful harmonies and very different to what we call 'sung worship' in the West. Click on the image below, to play the video.

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Notes From An Accidental Musician – Part 1 

I am not sure if this will be a regular posting. I guess it depends on whether or not the things I write about will resonate with anyone. 

My wife Tricia, often says that we are accidental musicians, when we compare ourselves to some of the immensely talented songwriters and musicians that we know. The kind of people who eat, sleep and breathe music. Who are always buying instruments and gear. Who always have music playing in their homes and cars. This, we are not! 

We are a bit of an enigma as we have…

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Song Of The Day 

My good friend, the extremely talented Clive Price notified me of this fun song by David Garland Jones. Here I am trying to earn a crust as a songwriter and along comes this youtube video which has almost 55,000 views. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Things like this brighten up my day and make me smile. By the way, for those of you who don't know. Ruthin is a town in Wales. Click on the image or video below and Enjoy!!

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To Be In Your Presence 

This week's featured "classic" song on the weareworship website is "To Be In Your Presence".  You can download the chord chart for free at their website. This version features some wonderful slide guitar work from the legendary Bryn Haworth. I continue to use this song in our concerts, after all these years. Enjoy!

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How To Worship - Correctly. 

What is the correct way to worship? We all know that being in a church service can be quite intimidating and confusing for the uninitiated. If you feel that you need to learn how to worship correctly, then this video will be very instructional and helpful. 


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At the present time, Noel is focussing mainly on concerts with his wife Tricia. Their show - "An Evening with Noel & Tricia Richards" - features, songs and conversation about life, love, friendship and spirituality, in an intimate acoustic setting. They play in any kind of venue - homes, cafes, pubs and theatres. If you want to enquire about booking Noel & Tricia for a gig, please complete this FORM and they will get back to you. A full list of their current shows is below and full details can be found at NOELANDTRICIA.COM


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