Song of the Week - Let Your Love Come Down

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This is a song that I have used in numerous settings – especially prayer gatherings. It works with a full band or simply guitar and voice. 

These are days when societies around the world seem more divided against themselves than ever. So much unkindness is expressed – particularly on Social Media - against those with differing views. Maybe more than ever, we need to be calling for God's love to replace, hate, fear, mistrust and violence. 

These lyrics seem particularly relevant for today: 

There is violence in the air 
Fear touches all our lives 
How much pain can people bear 
Are we reaping what we’ve sown 
Voices silent for too long 
We are calling let your love come down 

There is power in your love 
Bringing laughter out of tears 
It can heal the wounded soul 
In the streets where anger reigns 
Love will wash away the pain 
We are calling heaven’s love come down 

This song was written for the 1996 Dangerous People Album. It was at the height of our preparations for the 'Champion of the World' event at London's Wembley Stadium, which gathered 43,000 people for worship in June 1997. 

It is one of many that we have used at arena and stadium events. The breakdown section provides a great opportunity for the crowd to breathe.......and make their voices heard. 

This particular version was recorded at Wembley stadium with the full band and captures the excitement of that unique event. 

Turn the volume up to 11 and enjoy the moment! 

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