All Heaven Declares

Noel Richards

Reviewed by Phil Thomson

If ever anyone ever needed reminding of the role of music in worship, this collection should do it. Richards' contribution to the world of praise and worship in the UK and beyond is immense, with totally captivating material for all ages. You'll know the songs, here sung by the writer himself.

Possibly not the best exponent of his own work, (that isn't necessarily the point of such songs) there are any number of other recordings around of these titles. But here the work is deftly handled with settings which really do allow the songs room to breathe. And who can argue with the sensitivity, the authenticity of the sentiment with which each song is imbued. The decision here is, keep it simple, direct; no fancy production - allowing the compositions to speak for themselves and allowing God to be at work through Richards' creativity. You'll find "There Is Power In The Name Of Jesus", I Really Want To Worship You My Lord", "By Your Side", "All Heaven Declares", "Come Lord Jesus" and so on.

But talk of 'The Best of. . .' simply cannot be complete without credit being given to Tricia, Noel Richards' wife. Many of the titles are a partnership - and we should all be grateful for that.

Am I allowed to have a favourite? "You Are My Passion" moves me to tears every time I hear it. I am so thankful for good writers. To praisers and worshipers everywhere, let it be known 'All Heaven Declares' is a welcome soundtrack to the '90s and noughties and beyond.

1 There Is Power In The Name of Jesus

2 Welcome King of Kings

3 I Really Want To Worship You My Lord

4 Overwhelmed By Love

5 To Be In Your Presence (My Desire)

6 Restorer Of My Soul

7 He Has Risen

8 Come Lord Jesus

9 By Your Side

10 All Heaven Declares

11 Love Songs From Heaven

12 Nothing Shall Separate Us

13 I Will Seek Your Face 

14 Behold The Lord

15 You Are My Passion

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