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New Podcast - Not My Enemy 

It is so easy to regard other Christian denominations as inferior to our own. To think we are closer to the truth than others. We can also have an 'us and them' attitude to people of other faiths. In this podcast I talk about how life experiences have taught me to see those who are different as friends, rather than enemies. This podcast concludes with our song 'We Need To Love'.

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My latest podcast - Jesus Takes Hollywood 

It seems that there is an increase in faith-based TV shows and movies, coming out of Hollywood. In this podcast, I reflect on the trend and suggest a sequel idea for the Jesus Revolution movie. All I need now is a screenwriter.....

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The Stadium Journey -Video 

I started thinking about the possibility of worship events in stadiums and arenas in 1986. The first one my band participated in was in 1996. A small crowd at Crewe FC's stadium in the UK. I could not have imagined where this journey would take us. This short reel gives a little taste of where we have been. Who knows where the next stage of the journey will lead........

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Do we want a Jesus Revolution? 


The movie 'Jesus Revolution' recalls those exciting days at the beginning of the Jesus Movement, that swept through California, the USA and beyond. 

Sadly, I discovered a generation later, that the radical, revolutionary edge had disappeared from the denomination where it all started.

This podcast asks if we truly want the inconvenience and disruption that a new 'Jesus Revolution' will bring to our churches.

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Ez Az A Nap! Adria 2023 

Last weekend, it was a privilege to take part in ‘Ez Az A Nap! Adria 2023’ at the historic Pula Arena in Croatia.

More than 4,000 people gathered from Croatia and surrounding nations for this worship event which featured local artists and bands, Matt Maher and Hillsong United.

This short highlights video gives you a taste of what happened on the night.




New Song - "Still Dreaming" 

We have just released this new song and as always, our producer Caroline Bonnett has woven her magic, as musician, arranger and producer. We are so pleased with the way it has turned out. It was written earlier this year, as we reminded ourselves to keep dreaming and never lose our sense of adventure.   We hope it will be an encouragement to you.   You can listen and download for free by clicking on the image. Feel free to share the song with others.    

This Is The Day Spain 

What a great night we had in Madrid, Spain on Friday 26th May. A great line-up of local artists and headliners Israel Houghton and Hillsong London. 4,500 people filled the arena in Fuenlabrada on the outskirts of Madrid. The event was a real party with exuberant praise and passionate worship. It was a privilege to be a part of the programme.

If you understand Spanish, here is a report on the event. CLICK

Please take a look at the highlights video. More videos to come in the next few weeks.

New Podcast - Prophetic or Nostalgic 

The past 50 years has seen the exponential growth of the contemporary worship movement and brought the Church new songs and hymns. The songs of our generation were radical and prophetic when first written. But it is easy to settle for these past blessings and the hymnology that we are comfortable with. In this podcast we reflect on our own experiences of songs and worship. Are we still moving forward, embracing what God is doing now, with new songs that reflect this. Is our worship still prophetic, or has…

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New Podcast - Shortbread, Kings and Presidents 

The coronation of King Charles has just happened in the UK and a US Presidential election is just around the corner. 

Wayne Drain and Noel Richards talk about their attitude toward those who 'reign over us'.

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