Song of the Week - Angels Sing Their Song Tonight

At this time of the year, we always tell everyone about our Christmas song, which we wrote back in 2009. We trust that as you listen to it, you will once again be reminded of the wonderful hope we have. This is the season when we remind ourselves of the miracle of Christ's birth. That moment in history when heaven touched earth and God clothed himself in a human form and came to live among us.

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Happy Christmas!


ANGELS SING THEIR SONG TONIGHT (f/l Wonder of a new born son) 

Wonder of a new born son 
Greatest gift to everyone 
Saviour of the world is He 
Mary holds him tenderly 

Hear the news the shepherds bring 
They have seen the infant King 
He is called Immanuel 
God has come with us to dwell 

Angels sing  
“Glory be to God” 
Christ has come  
Hope for all is birthed 
When Heaven kisses earth 
Angels sing their song 

Seek the star that burns so bright 
Let it be your guiding light 
To a stable cold and bare 
You will find the Saviour there 

Wise men lay your treasure down 
Worship on this holy ground 
Bow before the Prince of Peace 
For His kingdom will not cease 

Noel & Tricia Richards © Thankyou Music 2009

CCLI Number 5623491


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  • Louise Hird
    Louise Hird
    Beautiful, thank you.

    Beautiful, thank you.

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