Song of the Week - Need To Love

Tricia and I wrote this song several years ago, but it seems that the lyrics are even more relevant today. Our society is becoming increasingly polarised. Those of us who use social media cannot fail to notice the hatred and vitriol that people pour out on those with differing political, religious or philosophical views to their own. We see racism raising it's ugly head, alongside nationalism, intolerance, suspicion and fear of those who are different. 

More than ever we need to embrace the wonderful words of 1 Corinthians 13, which ends with: "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love".

In this current climate may we all do our best to not only love the Lord with everything we have, but to truly love our neighbours as we love ourselves.


You might be right and I'm wrong 
I may be weak and you're strong 
No matter where we come from 
Why can't we all get along 

Why can't we live side by side 
Let go of all that divides 
You can't hear my point of view 
When I don't listen to you 


We need to love 
We need to show 
We need to love 
Each other as we love 

Why does our truth make us fight 
Why do we need to be right 
Our fears flourish and grow 
When we let prejudice show 


Some say God rules over all 
Loves all His children the same 
So is He taking the fall 
For all that's done in His name? 


So I will try to be kind 
And leave good memories behind 
Knowing that when I am gone 
This love will still carry on 

© 2014 Noel & Tricia Richards Music 
Lyrics: Noel & Tricia Richards   Music: Noel & Tricia Richards



This pandemic is bringing out the very best in people, as we but we are also seeing selfishness, anger, frustration and 

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