Song of the Week: We Want To See Jesus Lifted High

This song was written by Doug Horley (aka Duggie Dug Dug) in 1993. At that time Doug was playing guitar in my band, so he played me the song and asked if I would like to use it

(Click on the image above to listen to the "Live from Wembley Stadium" version).

To be honest, I was not convinced that the song would work; but as we were friends, I tried it out at an event I was doing. I was amazed and surprised by the reaction to the song. Everyone loved it.  

It went viral! 

Doug has just released this video:  "We want to see Jesus lifted high" The story behind the song - 25th Anniversary special. This video has contributions from: Doug Horley, Ishmael, Lou Fellingham, Sue Rinaldi, Stuart Townend, Noel Robinson, Dave Bilbrough, myself and more.....


In the Spring of 1993, I was involved in a church conference called “Breaking the Mould” and the song, widely used at the event appears on the CD recorded there.  It is probably the earliest recorded version of the song and is available online. Listen on Spotify 

The song travelled around the world and more than 25 million sang it when it was part of the March for Jesus programme.

From 1994, I was playing concerts throughout the UK, sharing the vision for a huge worship event at London's famous Wembley Stadium. “We want to see.......” was always sung at these concerts. 

When we got to Wembley Stadium in 1997, there was a wonderful moment when we played the song and the crowd of almost 45,000 people carried on singing it after we stopped playing. This is the version you can listen to by clicking on the image above. The crowd starts chanting 6 minutes 20 seconds in.

The recording of the song from that event was included in an album “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever” released in 2000. It sold more than half a million copies in the USA alone.  

As a result, I was presented with a gold disc for my performance of that song. It is really ironic that I have received such an award for a song that initially, I did not think would work. Also, everywhere I go, people mistakenly think that I wrote the song. I am really happy to be one of many who have helped to promote this song over the last 27 years. It still works everytime I play it. 

Thanks Doug. 


We want to see Jesus lifted high 
A banner that flies across this land, 
That all men might see the truth and know 
He is the way to heaven. 

Step by step we're moving forward, 
Little by little taking ground, 
Every prayer a powerful weapon, 
Strongholds come tumbling down, 
And down, and down, and down. 

We want to see, We want to see, 
We want to see Jesus lifted high. 
We want to see, we want to see, 
We want to see Jesus lifted high. 

We're gonna see, we're gonna see, 
We're gonna see Jesus lifted high. 
We're gonna see, we're gonna see, 
We're gonna see Jesus lifted high. 

Doug Horley © 1993 Thankyou Music 

CCLI Number: 1033408

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