The Courtesy Drop - Podcast 

This podcast provides invaluable advice for all Christians. If you are ever at an event where you are called out to receive personal ministry and feel cornered, you can use 'The Courtesy Drop'.

You can play the podcast here or

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I Stopped Going To Church - Podcast 

In this podcast I explain why in 1980, I stopped going to church and began to experience something more than attending a meeting once a week.

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In The Forever (The Neighbourhood of God)

A new poem from Tricia Richards & Caroline Bonnett -  "In The Forever (The Neighbourhood of God)". 

Tricia was inspired after a close friend talked about how perhaps in the end, we all move into the neighbourhood of God. This…

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Keeping Faith - Podcast 

In this latest podcast I talk about the journey of faith that Tricia and I have been on, since moving to Spain in 2010. This chapter of our lives has provoked changes both culturally and spiritually. 

The podcast concludes with…

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Calling All Nations

News Release from Ez Az A Nap (This is the day) Hungary

Let's praise together on 23 July 2022, Budapest, Hungary 

Originally scheduled for 2020, the This is the Day! contemporary Christian music and worship event will take place on…

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Is The Second Coming, Coming? 

I have just released my first podcast under the title "Confessions of a Worship Leader". I will gradually release more and hope that you enjoy my humorous and honest take on many of our beliefs. Maybe I will slay some…

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My Friend Gerald Coates

In the autumn of 1978 the controversial house church leader Gerald Coates was invited to speak at a public city-wide celebration gathering in Plymouth (UK). Tricia and I just married, were invited to lead the worship with our band, at…

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Noel & Tricia Live Event on Zoom

Happy New Year! This Thursday evening 6th January, we will be doing an online worship event featuring songs, poems and conversation. The event will run for 90 minutes and you are welcome to join us for all or part of…

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