Song of the Week - All Over This World

A week before our event at the Olympic Stadium, Berlin, Germany in July 2006, our friend Wayne Drain arrived from the USA. He was one of the participants and had travelled early in order to get over jet-lag and help us in the days before we left for Germany. 

We started talking about the need for a final commissioning song which we could use for the gathering of just under 25,000 people who would be attending from 40 different nations. 

This song was the result of that conversation. We wanted a song that would encourage people to go back to their home towns, cities and nations and make the name of Jesus known. 

The phrase “All over this world” was very easy to translate into different languages and at the end of the event, we invited worship leaders from several nations, to come and sing that line in their native tongue. It was very special. 

Hopefully, this song will continue inspiring us to be carriers of the Gospel to the communities where we live.                                                                                     

Matthew 24 v 14 says: “And the Good News about the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it; and then the end will come”. (NLT)



  • Chris Allen
    Chris Allen Sheffield UK
    A great song, easy to sing along .

    A great song, easy to sing along .

  • Noel Richards
    Noel Richards
    Thanks Chris.

    Thanks Chris.

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