Song of the Week - I See The Lord

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Whenever I recorded a worship album, I always tried to include songs from other writers. A new album would always be a resource for worship leaders and churches. Before the internet, it was one of the best ways of sharing new songs that were emerging. 

Chris Falson was originally from Australia and wrote this song around 1993. I had got to know him through mutual friends and we hung out together on several occasions in the UK and USA. 

I first heard this song when Chris Falson visited our church sometime in the mid 1990s and when I recorded the 'Dangerous People' album in 1996, it seemed a perfect fit. 

Chris was one of our guest artists at Champion of the World in Wembley Stadium and sang the song there. A special moment. You can watch HERE.

It is one of those timeless classics and is as fresh now as when I first heard it.

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