Mission Worship Conference

I am looking forward to being at this event in November and teaming up with my good friends Chris Bowater and Dave Bilbrough. This video is just a little taster of what is in store and you can get all… Read more

God Be In My Head

These lyrics were written in 1558. Tricia remembers singing them when she was at school. Earlier this year, she suggested that we might be able to write a new melody for the lyrics. This is the result. The video is…

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Website Update

We have just finished working on some additions to the website. There is now a complete list of my albums, together with an online store and some free downloads. You can also listen to some of my 'Classic' songs from…Read more

Worship Etiquette

There seems to be much confusion these days, about the correct use of hands, when engaged in contemporary worship. Martin Saunders has written a simple guide to hand-raising on the Christian Today website. I am reposting this article in the…Read more

I Have A Vision

I have just read a blog which was recently posted by American teacher and writer Charles Strohmer. It reproduced the Rev. John Peck's "I Have a Vision" statement for the church, which has influenced many people around the world. …

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You Laid Aside Your Majesty

This was the second congregational worship song that I ever wrote, back in early 1985. I was at home one evening, taking care of our son, while Tricia was out. I was sitting playing my guitar when the melody popped…Read more

All over this world....

When we were preparing for the event at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin Germany, people asked if there would be a song written specially for the occasion. I have never been one who can write to order, so it was…Read more

Ten Years After

This weekend, on 15th July, will be the 10th anniversary of the "Calling All Nations" event at the Olympiastadion, Berlin, Germany. After many years of planning and some false starts, around 25,000 people gathered in that famous venue, from more…Read more

The Hudson Taylors

Many of you have come to gigs by The Hudson Taylors, since we first started performing together in 2001. The combination of an Irishman - Brian Houston, A Welshman - Noel Richards and a Cherokee/Scot - Wayne Drain, has worked…Read more

Mission Worship Conference

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the Mission Worship Conferences, hosted by Kingsway Trust. I was involved in many of these events and have been invited back to lead a late night event on Saturday 19th November, with Dave…Read more