New Podcast - Off Grid Christianity Easter Special

Martin Scott and I return for another 'Off Grid Christianity' special podcast, hosted by Martin Purnell.

Not only do we do battle in an Easter (loosely) themed quiz, but we answer topical Easter questions as well. Such as - Did…

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Welsh Revival

Today is St David's Day, and I remembered this beautiful version of the Welsh Revival Hymn - "Here Is Love Vast As The Ocean". Nikki Rose sang this at The Event Without Walls. The image below is of the…

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"Off Grid Christianity - Christmas Podcast"

"Off Grid Christianity - Christmas Special". 
This podcast is now available. It features myself and Martin Scott trying to answer trivial and serious questions posed by Martin Purnell. Festive music is also featured. If you are looking for some humour…

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Christmas Party Live Online!!!

On Friday December 9th, please join Martin Scott, Martin Purnell and me for a live recording of the Off Grid Christianity Christmas podcast! You will be able to see us via this website, my Facebook profile, or YouTube channel.


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The Table - My Favourite Place - Podcast 

My favourite place is to be with friends and family around the table. Sharing life, love, conversation, food - and of course good wine! For me this is true communion. The place where we can break bread, raise our glasses…

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New Podcast Series with Wayne Drain

Wayne Drain and I have worked together for many years and been involved in leading worship throughout the UK, Europe, N. America and New Zealand. From sofas to stadiums and everything in between! We decided to record a series of…

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The Small Print - Podcast 

The Gospel is beautiful in its simplicity. Sadly, over 2000 years, Christian culture has added a list of Old Testament laws and denominational rules to it, that must be obeyed. Have you noticed how evangelists never mention this hidden 'small…

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Wayne's World! - Podcast

My latest podcast - talking with Wayne Drain about all sorts of things - especially his meeting Paul McCartney at Abbey Road Studios. What did he say when he met up with his musical hero??

Also, the story behind his…

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