The Hudson Taylors

Noel Richards, Brian Houston and Wayne Drain formed The Hudson Taylors in 2001, with no fixed plans beyond a US Tour. Yet after its success they gave in to the pull of the studio. There, in Nashville, they turned up to simply ‘see what happened’. What happened was Hurricane - their 2002 album released by Kingsway.

As debuts go, Hurricane had more power in it than most. It saw them touring the UK,Germany, Holland, Canada and USA throughout 2003, to the delight of a wide range of crowds.

There’s something about the make-up of The Hudson Taylors that gets to the heart of their appeal. Comprising a Welshman, an Irishman and an American Cherokee/Scot, The Hudson Taylors bring the table a wealth of experience, heritage and skill. Their unique sound blends the raw nature of the Celtic with the tone and truth of country, acoustic rock and blues.

Simple ballads sit alongside congregational worship numbers, and all along there’s the sense of these songs getting right down to business: dealing with issues of justice, devotion and the simple steps of faith.

The Lord Bless And Keep You

Released 2011

Price £6.99

Reviewed by Jonathan Sinclair

Combining a mix of new and classic worship songs The Hudson Taylors create a unique sound that has a diversity that will appeal to a wide audience. The first standout track of the album is "Praise God (From Whom All Blessings Flow)", which is a stunning reworking of the classic hymn, with a melody provided by a piano fading in and out along with guitars underpinning with some solid drumming. This is followed by a new version of Richards' "By Your Side" that utilizes harmonies with subtle guitar and drumming to great effect. Another standout "You Are" is a rock number performed with intricate guitar playing, strong vocals and again underpinned by equally strong drumming. Houston fans will love his new version of the radio hit "We Don't Need Religion" with revised lyrics which carry an even stronger message emphasising that we need the love of God and not religion. With strong positive themes and excellent production this is a showcase for three mature songwriting talents firing at the top of their game.

1 The Lord bless and keep you - featured
2 We don't need religion
3 As for me and my house
4 Praise God from whom all blessings flow - featured
5 By Your side
6 Draw me to your sacred place
7 Be still
8 You are
9 All the saints
10 Breath of love


Released 2002

Price £7.99

Reviewed by Lins Honeyman

Named after the first missionary to venture into China, The Hudson Taylors comprise of Noel Richards, Brian Houston and Wayne Drain who have done a Travelling Wilburys and pulled their collective resources to produce a refreshing album of new material. A raw and spontaneous energy is sustained throughout, mainly due to Houston's gritty vocal delivery as showcased in the overwhelmingly powerful "Where You See Bones". Fans of Noel will love the contemplative "If I Seek You" and other standouts include the title track and Houston's "You Are Mystical" - very much a song of praise with a difference. 'Hurricane' should whet your appetite for all three artists whilst standing in its own right as a great album.

1   Where can I go? - featured
2   Sons and daughters
3   You are mystical
4    Pure heart
5    Waterfall
6    Blessings of the Lord
7   Treasure
8   Hurricane
9   All my love
10 Where you see bones
11 Dreamers of your dreams
12 Every morning