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At the present time, Noel is mainly focussing on concerts with his wife Tricia. Their show - "Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs - An Evening with Noel & Tricia Richards" - features many of their best loved congregational worship songs, together with songs & stories about life, love, friendship and faith. To enquire about hosting an event in your area please use the Enquiry Form on this website and we will send you the details.

They play in any kind of venue - homes, cafes, pubs, churches and theatres. A full list of their current shows can be found at NOELANDTRICIA.COM

In addition to this, Noel is also working closely with the Ez Az A Nap Team in Budapest, Hungary, as they plan a huge worship gathering at the new Puskas Stadium, Budapest, Hungary on July 18th 2020.


This Is The Day (Ezazanap) - Roadshow Concerts

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Hungary, Ukraine & Romania

November 11: SZEKSZÁRD, Hungary (

November 12: PÉCS, Hungary (

November 13: KAPOSVÁR, Hungary (

November 14: SZOMBATHELY, Hungary (

November 16: GYŐR, Hungary (

November 26: EGER, Hungary (

November 27: UZHGOROD, Ukraine (

November 28: MISKOLC, Hungary (

November 29: BAIA MARE, Romania (

November 30: CLUJ-NAPOCA, Romania (

December 1: DEBRECEN, Hungary (


This Is The Day (Ezazanap) - Roadshow Concerts

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