The Classics

Noel has been writing since he was a teenager. A long time ago! In 1983, he had his first worship song published. However, the second one - You Laid Aside Your Majesty - published in 1985, has perhaps become one of his best loved compositions. Here is a video of Noel performing the song with his band, in Budapest in 2015.
Noel & Tricia Richards have been writing together since they first met in 1975. Probably the song that put them on the map as writers was - All Heaven Declares - which they composed in 1978. The song has travelled the world, been translated into many languages and is their best known worship song to date. This video of their song was recorded in Budapest in 2015.
Following the widespread appeal of All Heaven Declares, it was John Paculabo at Kingsway Music (now Integrity UK) who encouraged Noel & Tricia to write more new hymns for the church. He commissioned Noel's first worship album - By Your Side - released in 1990 and this is the title track of that album.
The  album 'By Your Side' was well received, so in 1992, Kingsway Music commissioned 'Thunder in the Skies' which contained songs by Noel & Tricia and also other emerging writers. One of the outstanding hymns from this album, which was awarded 'UK Christian Booksellers Album of the Year 1994' is - Great Is The Darkness - which is continually used in churches and prayer gatherings
Since 1986, Noel had carried the idea of taking the famous Wembley Stadium in London UK, for a huge Christian music event. It was Les Moir, Noel's producer, who encouraged Noel to start writing songs for stadiums. The release of the 'Warrior' album in 1994, marked the start of this journey. It is full of anthems which would be suited to the 'Champion of the World' event, organised by Noel and his friends and held at the stadium in 1997. Almost 45,000 people attended, making it the largest event of it's kind in the UK, to date. Here's Noel performing the Easter anthem - He Has Risen - at Wembley Stadium.