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  1. Love Is

From the recording Wonderful


Love is this feeling that fills all my heart.
Love is a journey I have chosen to start.
Love is the answer when those feelings are gone.
Love is the promise, to stay when it all goes wrong.

Love keeps me faithful, love keeps me true.
Let's grow old together.
Until life is through,
I will love you.

Love is a yes when I want to say no.
Love means I listen when I just want to go.
Love keeps me gentle when I want to be tough.
Love makes me patient when I have had enough.

Love never knows what life will bring along the way.
Love is never free, there's always a price to pay.
Love is a risk, no happy endings guaranteed.
Love is a promise, I gave you, you gave me.

Lyrics/Music: Noel & Tricia Richards
© Noel & Tricia Richards Music 2015