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  1. Beginnings

From the album Lifeline CD

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In the beginning before time had a clock
Before light had a day and before darkness had wrapped up a night
There was you.
In my beginning before I had shape or
Arms and legs and ears and eyes
Before I had stretched out my limbs
And found my thumb or yawned
Before I had been observed by mans clever inventions
You had scanned my tiny little life and my beginning
The very nature of me had been hidden in your heart
For I began in you
How incredible, your love
It weaves and pulls each thread of humanness
Each hair is placed each finger print is drawn
A genetic code is written once for all unique.
Amazing life
You are the architect
You have plans for the landscapes of our lives
Each precious life to you a treasure
Individual and exquisite in design
And it is only you, who breathes the breath of life into a form
The mystery of the spirit
You assign my beginning
And you receive me on my departing
You are the present and you are the completion.

© Tricia Richards.