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  1. First Love

From the album Lifeline CD

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First Love

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We need to spend some time together you and I. Oh I know you are always busy- but I miss you.
There was a time when a moment in my arms would leave you breathless and in a whirl,
but now that moment becomes an intrusion in your busy schedule.

What happened? How did our relationship become so passé and so bland?
Your heart would miss a beat when I surprised you with my presence and time together
was not dulled by necessity or predictability.

It’s not as though you don’t love me anymore, because I know you do- you forget I know you so well.
It takes time and effort - oh I don’t mean the drudgery of going over familiar ground - I mean taking a step back,
listening, making time to listen. Tell me about your day, I want to know.
Do not assume that because we know each other well that you do not need to talk to me,
tell me your thoughts, your feelings, your hopes and doubts.

Do not allow our love to become bland, predictable, accepting it as it is.
Remember how it was at first - we are so much further on now you and I.
We can be more intimate, more open - trust me more.

For you I have been broken hearted, for you I have been patient, strong and loyal.
For you I have love, I have not changed.
Do not be robbed by the great pretender. Pretence only breeds disillusionment.
So let us be honest and you will find that I am the same.
Let me once again be your first love. It is not in doing, but in being.

© Tricia Richards