1. He Has Risen

From the recording Easter Compilation


He has risen
He has risen
Jesus is alive

When the life flowed from His body
Seemed like Jesus' mission failed
But His sacrifice accomplished
Vict'ry over sin and hell

In the grave God did not leave Him
For His body to decay
Raised to life - the Great Awakening
Satan's pow'r He overcame

If there were no resurrection
We ourselves could not be raised
But the son of God is living
So our hope is not in vain

When the Lord rides out of heaven
Mighty angels at His side
They will sound the final trumpet
From the grave we shall arise

He has given life immortal
We shall see Him face to face
Through eternity we'll praise Him
Christ the champion of our faith

Noel & Tricia Richards & Gerald Coates, © Thankyou Music 93

CCLI No: 1045252