You Laid Aside Your Majesty

This was the second congregational worship song that I ever wrote, back in early 1985. I was at home one evening, taking care of our son, while Tricia was out. I was sitting playing my guitar when the melody popped into my head. As always, the tune inspired the lyrics and the song was finished by the time Tricia got home. I was not convinced that the song would work so a few weeks later, played it to my good friend Ishmael (Ian Smale). He told me that the lyrics were a bit twee, cliched and needed some tweaking. After looking at how the song could be improved, we both concluded that it worked just the way it was, so I did not make any changes. I never imagined that the song would become so popular in the UK and further afield. More than 30 years later, this song remains a favourite for so many people and we are still performing it at all our concerts. is highlighting the song this week and you can get hold of the chord sheet for free at the website 
The sheet music is also available there
You can watch us performing the song in Budapest last year, in the video below.