Why WOULD Anyone Sing in Church These Days?

Having been closely involved in the current, modern 'worship' culture since the 1970s, I am always interested in articles such as this one by Jonathan Aigner. This is an excellent article and it would be well worth your while to take a few minutes to read it. The full article can be accessed by clicking HERE 

Below is an extract to whet your appetite......... 

"..............See, when it comes to our sacred discipline of congregational singing, a lot has changed in our recent history.  

We began by changing our understanding of corporate worship. It’s not for the church, it’s for those who aren’t part of the church. The historic liturgy is out, and the 19th-century revival model is in. Instead of the entire service being filled with acts of worship – congregational prayers, affirmations, responses, and, yes, singing – we’ve decided that the singing alone is the “worship,” followed by preaching or teaching time (NOT worship), and then followed by a little more singing (again, worship) for good measure.  

So, while the congregation once had a vital role in the entire service, we’ve decided they really only need to participate during the music.  

But we didn’t stop there.  

At some point, we decided that corporate worship, especially the music, wasn’t about disciplined, regular reenactment of God’s story. Instead, we decided that the purpose of music was to usher in an emotional experience, a perceived intimate connection with the Almighty. Musical appeal became a substitute for the work of the Holy Spirit. If we felt something, it couldn’t just be the music, it MUST be the Spirit. (Funny how the Spirit always seems to time its biggest moves around the modulations.)  

So, while music was once simply a way to add dimension to our sacred storytelling, we began to exploit its emotional appeal, suggesting the feelings it could evoke to be authentic spiritual connection. The congregation’s work was no longer to sing God’s story, but to feel happy, jesusy feelings while music is played in their midst.  

But we didn’t stop there..............."  READ MORE